Yii Framework Development

Yii Developer

Yii is an abbreviation used for "Yes it is"! It is an elemental, open-source PHP 5 based high performance framework, used for devising web 2.0 applications. Yii is loaded with several rich features such as MVC, I18N/L10N, DAO/ Active Record, caching, scaffolding, authentication, testing, role-based access control, etc. These features made it top the list of the best PHP frameworks in the year 2011.

The Yii framework has a supplemented stock room comprising of user-contributed units. The platform is extremely efficient in developing frameworks in minimal time. Providing a wide range of niche functionalities to the developers, Yii has helped programmers to create some great PHP frameworks. Yii received immense acknowledgement and adulation in the world of web application development world due because of its robust features. These functionalities have helped in minimizing efforts at the developer's end. This high-performance component-based PHP framework has overruled the market because of its supremacy in delivering cost effective and time saving web applications.

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Why Yii Development?

PHP frameworks offer clean coding in minimal time. Yii framework development is an extremely flexible approach which can be implemented on any platform for web application development. Yii framework is very apt for websites and web applications having high traffic. For eg: web portals, CMS websites, e-commerce systems, forums and other applications. Yii's latest caching technique enables it to stand out among a horde of other PHP frameworks.

Features of Yii PHP Framework

Yii development provides clean designs encouraging rapid web application development. Yii's exhaustive features offer numerous advantages in web development. A few of them are as follows:

  • MVC Design Based: Yii carries out the web development process in an organized way through clean separation of concerns (SoC) as the framework is based on MVC (Model View Controller).
  • DAO (Database Access Object)/ Active Records Support: Yii DAO is created over PHP Data Objects, providing uniform API and solving inconsistencies between different database management systems.
  • Theming and Skinning: This feature allows users to switch the themes and skins of websites.
  • Form Input and Data Validation: Due to availability of a wide range of widgets and validators, Yii collects form inputs and authenticates the same.
  • Authorization and Authentication of Users: Yii makes web development process much easier and swift because of its built-in functionality of validation and RBAC (Role Based Access Control) supported authorization.
  • I18N and L10N (Internationalization and Localization): Having a flexible domain, Yii is quite adaptive to varied languages avoiding involvement of extreme technicalities.
  • Widgets: Comprising of an array of AJAX enabled widgets, Yii helps in developing highly efficient user interfaces.
  • Security: Yii acts as a shield from protecting websites from hackers with the help of various security mechanisms.
  • Web Services: By allowing programmers to convert database according to laid objects, Yii helps in waiving off long and complex task of writing repetitive SQL queries.
  • Error Handling and Logging: Yii's framework makes it easier to rectify errors complimenting its auto save log in details.
  • Compliance with Third Party Codes: Yii framework has a highly docile set up and finds easy compatibility with third party codes.
  • Layered Caching: Scaffolding features help Yii in delivering effective and competitive application development.
  • Highly Extensive Automatic Code Generation: Yii's smart capability of generating codes quickly distinguishes it from other PHP frameworks, providing power with standard code controlling.
  • User Contributed Components: Due to open source framework, Yii offers an extension library which covers numerous user contributed components.

Apart from a host of above mentioned advantages, frequent modifications in the framework leaves the developers with a scope to deliver innovative solutions to their clients. The variety of features offered by Yii makes this framework the best amongst other PHP platforms, which helps developers in creating highly interactive and feature-rich web designs for clients.