How to do URL Aliasing for Drupal websites

Drupal by default generates webpages with unique Ids and these URLs are not user friendly eg of such urls are : or etc. These URLs does not make any impact as far as browsers, servers, are concerned. However, for humans, it becomes very difficult to understand or draw any meaningful information from URLs. Imagine if we could make these URLs attractive and understandable. It would be very easy and convenient for a user to get the idea of type of the content on a webpage.

But is it possible to do so?

Yes, there is a technique, called "URL aliasing", through which we can make the URLs more attractive and meaningful, so that it can give user a brief idea of webpage content. Moreover, if we use clean URLs with keywords, it is believed to have a positive impact on SEO of these drupal websites.

Watch the video to know how to do URL aliasing

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