These guys are a "triple threat" :

  • They grok open source and open standards
  • They are intimately familiar with .NET and Microsoft
  • They live and breathe the user experience

Sanjay Sidhwani, Times Internet, IndiatimesTimes Internet Limited engaged with Tekriti on a project with extremely tight timelines. There enthusiasm and agility ensured that we were able to meet our deadline. It's been a pleasure working with them. They are a nimble outfit and ensure quick turn around while delivering products that meet user expectations.

Tony Perkins, AlwaysOn, GoingOn Editor, AlwaysOn-Network Tekriti's talent and professionalism are qualities that stand out during the past year we worked with them. They have been very reliable and always responsive and proactive during the development of our product. We look forward in continuing our relationship with them as our development firm and as we grow our business.

Marc CanterWorking with Gaurav, Ashish and Tekriti has been a pleasure. I first met them on Dec. 21 of 2004 - when they contacted me and showed that they had been reading and understanding what I was talking about. They asked if I had any need for their services and I asked if they knew php.They said no - but that they could learn anything and just give them a chance to prove themselves.So I said OK - prove yourselves - go build something in php. Well by Jan. 10th - they showed me an entire Bloogle system, which spidered, sorted, searched, put up UIs and in general showed they knew how to code and ship code. So then I said OK - lets get you involved in our project. Within one month they had the system up and running - despite numerous stoppage and frustration. So then I hired them Feb. 1 and we haven't looked back. So now we're building several projects with them. Highly recommended