Python Google App Engine

Python is a high-level, illustrious, object-oriented programming language that integrates systems in an effective manner. It has become the foremost choice for most web developers for its supreme security records and competent performance levels. With a highly comprehensible design, the framework employs English keywords with lesser morphological constructions than other languages.

  • Elucidated: Similar to PERL and PHP; the program can be processed at runtime.
  • Bilateral: Direct communication with the interpreter to write intricate while operating the Python prompt.
  • Object-oriented: Python supports object-oriented scripting technique that envelopes code within objects.
  • Beginner’s language: Spanning from clean text processing to WWW browsers to games, Python is the beginner’s language that allows development of a wide range of applications.

Having an efficient high-level data structure, Python is a powerful programming language that offers a classic syntax and dynamic writing. Python is a supremely swift web development framework that brings together SQLAlchemy (model) or Ming (MongoDB) and creates a database-driven, ready-to-extend application in minutes.

Python’s Supremacies in the World of Frameworks

  • Technology back-up for lucrative extensible applications including Quora, Google, Facebook and YouTube.
  • Active concentration on security, testing and supervision makes Python an ideal choice for swift software development.
  •  Stamped by OSI; an approved open source license and supported by the Python community, it is free even for commercial use.
  • Designer-friendly templates
  • Powerful and adjustable Object Relational Mapper (ORM)
  • Accessible AJAX on browser as well as server front.

Access to premium libraries, tools and frameworks is a featured characteristic that makes Python stand out from other frameworks. It allows professional developers to create first-rate web applications that operates Google’s scalable architecture and deploys amplified persistent storage and services.

Tekriti on Python Google App Engine

Tekriti has a committed experienced Python team that has been delivering creative and innovative web based solutions deploying Python frameworks such as Django. We take pride in having a rich history of developing websites, VOIP systems and plugins, backend web services and API and much more. We operate on databases like MySQL, Alchemy, Postgres, Mongo DB, Google App Engine QSL, turbo Gears and Tosca widgets.

We deploy the following databases for data storage while developing a Python web app:

  • NDB Datastore API
  • Db Datastore API
  • Google Cloud SQL
  • Google Cloud Storage Client Library
  • Blobstore

Tekriti employs Python-based web frameworks to build apt ambiance for web development, including;

  • Django enables quick creation of web apps by employing minimal code. It is a high-level Python web framework that allows the designers to develop high-performing web apps in a clean and realistic manner.
  • Webapp2 offers enhancement to existing webapp by working on its URI routing and exceptional handling, tailored response object and elastic dispatching mechanism. The feather-weight framework can be deployed outside of app engine and run independently on the app engine SDK.
  • Flask operates on Jinja 2, Werkzeug and good intentions. The mini framework comprises built-in development server, WSGI compliance, unit t4esting support and a wholly Unicode-enabled RESTful request dispatching.
  • Pyramid is a diminutive, agile and well-structured web framework designed to ensure headlong and reliable app development. The Pylons Project offers nominal intricacy wrapped in extended efficiency levels; making it a preferred choice amongst developers.

The lined up specifications prove Tekriti the best choice for your Python web development:

  • Universal delivery meeting designated deadline
  • Assigning dedicated resources for rapid development
  • Assorted global portfolio
  • Team of seasoned professionals  
  • Streamlining and deploying the concept with rigorous follow-ups
  • Devoted business analyst and project manager

By offering innovative ideas and fashioned web deliveries, we strive to give your business a boost to stand affront in the competition.

To channelize our conscientious domain-experience in Python, click here now.

Tekriti’s Work Profile on Python

  • One of the largest globally-recognized marketing companies approached Tekriti to synthesise 50 reporting and analytics application that required data migration from MySQL to Hadoop. The project demanded routing of updated data on importer apps to Hadoop instead of MySQL cluster, exposing interface for the application to consume and represent data from Hadoop in desired presentation and analytics engine development. The company provides a comprehensive range of marketing services including advertising, public relations and affairs, branding and identity, shopper’s and retails marketing, healthcare communications, direct digital, promotion and relationship marketing. It is based across 120 countries with over 450 offices.
  • Tekriti is working for a leading online taxi-booking service that maps cabs available in a designated area. The project includes creation of backend CRM, mobile app development for both customer and the driver to track locations, book cab and fare calculations and VOIP service integration.
  • Tekriti designed web app for a leading dealing website. The project mapped creation of responsive screens wherein dealers can design/customize their online store. The website hosts vendors from across the globe with an interactive database for customers to line their favourite brands to their account and receive latest discount schemes.