At Tekriti, we understand that technology is only as valuable as the business it enables. We are committed to building technology that provides tangible value to our customers. To that extent, it often requires a deep understanding of the underlying business processes and a long term commitment to support the business on an ongoing basis even after technology has been deployed.

True to its entrepreneurial roots, Tekriti has often chosen to embark on such projects by getting its skin in to the game. Rather than simply being a vendor delivering technology, Tekriti has chosen to be a stake holder in these businesses and gain value in proportion to the value delivered by the technology built by us. One of our key partner "USourceIT" is described below:

Outsourcing for small to medium businesses.

USourceIT is a VC funded company which is designed to be a risk-free sourcing partner for SMBs (small to medium businesses) by connecting them with Tier 2 and Tier 3 service providers through a marketplace model. It is a unique blend of technology and traditional offline model which not only helps find the right sourcing partner for SMBs but also provide tools to capture the project requirements and monitor the project.

Outsourcing, particularly off-shoring to India has gained significant momentum with growth exceeding 40% annually over the past few years. However, this has been limited to the Global 5000 companies. Over 75% of Small to Medium sized businesses (SMBs) have not gained the benefits of off-shoring enjoyed by the larger companies. The high fixed costs of marketing kept most Tier-1 and Tier-2 outsourcers from approaching SMBs. Most SMBs thrive in the market place because of niching (specialized services) and over 50% have proprietary software which requires IT staffing to maintain it. With less than a quarter of this market space ($250 billion) outsourced, there is a growing demand by SMBs to utilize off-shoring to reduce costs. Many Tier-3 off-shore providers are highly qualified to meet the SMB demands, but do not have the reach to market their services. USourceIT is rightly positioned to connect Tier-2 and Tier-3 service providers with SMBs using a market place model.