Non Profit Websites Development and Web Design

Non Profit Websites

Tekriti has always loved to cater and contribute its bit to the non profit sector. Following its interest, Tekriti has been actively involved with several nonprofit setups. Our rich experience and impressive familiarity with the sector, has helped us to attain a strong foothold in the domain. Tekriti takes pride in successfully completing a number of projects for a spectrum of non profit bodies, embarking healthy long-term relationships in the process.

Since its inception, Tekriti has been a pioneer in Drupal web services. In fact, with the help of Drupal Tekriti has been instrumental in developing websites for many non-profits like United Nations, Oxfam, Green Peace, Amnesty International. The Drupal Showcase for Non Profit web design also gives a clear demonstration of Drupal's success story.

Apart from creating strong CMS platforms for community systems, Tekriti has also showcased remarkable ability to integrate industry standard platforms. The company also works on areas such as mass mailing systems, constituent relationship management, etc. Assimilating these features with splendid competence in designing and migration of large databases, Tekriti has carved a niche for itself in developing nonprofit websites in a very short span of time.

With over a decade of experience in providing unique IT solutions and with the support of diverse and talented team of professionals, Tekriti has managed to strike a perfect balance between offshore cost efficiency and reliability at the convenience of an onshore US Office. To learn how Tekriti can help you in creating your personalized non-profit website, write in to us at or fill out the query form on the right.

Tekriti’s offerings for Non Profit Sector

Tekriti has proved to be a one stop shop for all kinds of nonprofit website development. Some of the services which we provide are mentioned below:

  • Creating Product Concept and Design for User Integration
  • Developing Personalized Creatives and Themes
  • Perceiving Management Backend by Non-Technical Staff
  • Transferring Complex Data on Newer Platforms
  • Merging Client Communication and Mass Mailing Systems
  • Combining Single Sign On, Constituent Management Systems and Rues Management Systems
  • Ensuring quality checks through efficient testing
  • Optimizing performance
  • Cloud Hosting through Amazon or Rackspace
  • Training, Maintenance and Support

Examples of Non Profit Websites Designed by Tekriti

Tekriti Software takes pride in sharing a few of the many non-profit website designs developed by it. Take a glimpse of our non-profit portfolio:
  • OpenToHope: OpenToHope supports people who have lost their loved ones. The website serves as a medium to help people cope up with such tragedies. OpenToHope website emphasizes on the usage of rich media, including online radio and video channels.
  • CafeGive: CafeGive offers a platform to socially conscious customers to contribute a certain percentage (2%-4%) on online purchases. This website acts as a mediator between the retailers and the customers. Once a consumer purchases something from the retailer website through CafeGive doorway, his per cent of contribution is transferred to his preferred charity. Drupal has also introduced advanced social features such as Facebook Connect & Facebook LikeBox. Other advancements allow users to create their personalized widgets to proliferate charities.
  • Mission Admission: Mission Admission is a CSR driven program run by The Times of India Group and is not strictly a non-profit. This website tries to offer expert guidance and community support to students struggling through college admissions.