Pros of Migrating to Drupal

migrate to drupal

If you are considering integrating an existing website to another CMS framework, Drupal can be a potential platform to help meet your needs. Drupal is a popular tool that has become one of the most preferred CMS frameworks at the enterprise level today. From once being seen only as an online forum and blogging software, today it has become a highly dominant medium for online collaborations that power approximately 500,000 websites across the globe. Here are some of the top reasons that make Drupal such a favorite:

  • Open-source framework: Being an open-source platform, Drupal is not governed by the rules of a single vendor. It implies that anyone can download it free of cost from the internet and start using it right away. Having no single ownership also means that anyone can modify the codes. Also, modification is comparatively simpler because of its system of hooks.
  • Cost-effective: As mentioned above, the fact that Drupal is an open-source system makes it absolutely free to download and run. In contrast, a lot of other good CMS frameworks like Adobe CQ5, Jive, etc. makes a big hole in the pocket. Also, the maintenance costs for Drupal is much less which makes a great platform covering the migration costs.
  • Future-facing and highly adaptive to new technologies and trends: The entire Drupal community always remains on its feet to integrate any trending technological requirement into the framework. There are thousands of modules in Drupal to cater to the specific requirements of creating all kinds of website. The community is also extremely proactive in coming up with fresh modules and distributions to address any need that Drupal might have missed.
  • Performance and scalability: Many companies like Wikemedia that have migrated an existing site to Drupal have found it to be extremely high on performance compared to their previous CMS frameworks. Drupal is also capable of managing high page load owing to growth and perform to the peak at the same time.
  • Sleek URL creation by URL aliasing: Drupal is known to generate short and precise URLs that can be easily shared without the need of tweaking them by URL shorteners. URL aliasing by Drupal helps to generate URLs that makes sense to the readers to a great extent.
  • Modular framework: As already mentioned, thousands of modules in Drupal bolsters its functionality. The modules make it possible to create a variety of different websites.

These are some of the things to look forward to while migrating your web to Drupal. Tekriti has helped many companies like Penton and New York Daily News in migrating their existing websites to Drupal framework.