Laravel Application Development

Observing the changing technology trends and drifting customer preferences, Laravel has emerged as one of the most reliable and relevant PHP frameworks. The three year old platform has acclaimed favourable attention because of its first-rate coding extensions and easy-to-handle programming. Impressive route closures, profound template systems and swift integration of third party packages- Laravel have extended much reason to arrest the developer’s preference to its name. 

Laravel’s Supremacies in the Web World

  • Stacked features: The modular packaging system and the ability to add several applications in one go makes Laravel an absolute choice for the programmers.  
  • Automatic URL creation: Laravel generates URLs automatically to existing routes with the creation of different links. 
  • Restful controllers: The presence of restful controllers in Laravel makes HTTP GET and POST requests easy-to-handle. 
  • Query Builder: Eloquent supported query builder at Laravel makes constraint coercion between assorted databases a much simpler task.
  • Unit Testing: Unit testing is one of the most important components at Laravel that lays a platform to discover and rectify regressions before the product launch.
  • Contingent Coding: Segregated files for SQL codes makes coding stress free with Laravel. It offers easy application maintenance and monitoring.
  • Smooth porting: Relating to changes or audits in database blueprint and app code base is easier with version control system offered in Laravel.

Tekriti as your Laravel Web Developer

Tekriti’s zeal to embrace the latest technologies helps the organization to deliver best-in-class web and IT services. The aggravation has made the company transcend with the IT evolutions including Laravel. Developers at Tekriti hold a rich history of serving clients with phenomenal outputs in vogue technologies. Distinguished understanding of source code and exemplary readability make our programs stand out from the rest with apps developed in high quality. 

  • Cursory Learning Graph: Our intrusive nature helps us embrace the evolving technology trends; thus making us acclaim the benefits of pristine to latest developments. This directly helps our valuable clients to get their product designed in the most conventional approaches.
  • Specialists in advent innovations: Competitive and aesthetic understanding of the Laravel labyrinth adds core-value to Tekriti’s end products.  
  • Conversant with the features: For having adopted Laravel at the very stage of its inception, Tekriti converses quite well in the technology’s language. This makes us well in-sync with Laravel’s intricate features such as Query Builder, Migrations and Seeding, Eloquent ORM and Routing etc.

Laravel is truly a cardinal tool in Tekriti’s web repository because of its robust UI built, persuasive online community support and succinct documentation. The combination of Laravel’s exquisite offerings with the virtuosity of our team of experienced Laravel developers makes the organization deliver disparate web apps to its clients. 

Laravel Websites by Tekriti

  • Tekriti built, a recreational website that attempts to present the picture of the prospective baby of a couple. The system generates the image after applying a discrete algorithm. 
  • The internal algorithm measures distance between the facial features and designs the baby according to the user’s preference. The user decides the features that would rest upon the baby. The algorithm is developed in C++ Language with an uppermost use of Image Morpher.
  • A leading group purchasing website hired Tekriti to build a copulative campaign management tool that holds the ability to keep a track of campaigns driven by varied brands. This would be trailed through mediums of email, SMS and voice calls by extracting their respective APIs. The offering includes delivery of creation of an end-to-end product, quality tests extended by providing support and maintenance of the product.
  • A globally acclaimed organization approached Tekriti to build their website that aims to help startups and can said to be a mirror site of GitHub. Development includes Issue Tracking, User Management and multiple git code repository management. We used Redis as a persistent key/value store for the routing information and a variety of other data, incorporated Memcache to address caching and deployed AngularJS/BootstrapCSS to meet front-end development requirements. Increasingly, we also provided enterprise APIs to handle third-party integration and handling back-end infrastructure. 
  • Tekriti built website for a pioneering online food ordering website that offers customers to choose from a variety of cuisines; from menus of restaurants available in the vicinity. We used Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery 2.0.3 for front-end development and deployed CDN (Content Delivery Network), Cloud Flare for quick image delivery and rendering. MongoDB is employed for data storage to channelize geo-search LBS wrapped with geo fencing. Also, the website is closely synchronized with Google Analytics to fetch visitor details and other insights to help the business in decision making. 

Tekriti has proven its competency in developing impressive websites on the framework, thus making the organization a sizable Laravel development company in terms of projects.