Create iOS App Build using Xcode 4.2 for AppStore Submission

Before releasing app (for ipad/iphone application development) to the AppStore for sharing it with other users, you create an app build. After this, you submit an app archive file of this build in iTunes Connect. iTunes Connect is a link displayed on the right when you log in to apple developer site (

In this blog, we will discuss the things, needed to create an app build and archive file for AppStore submission through Xcode4.2 development tool.

Lets have a look on following steps :-

1. Clean all targets of your project by taping Clean option in Product menu. (Product -> Clean)


2. Create a scheme for releasing app.
Select the project name from the scheme drop-down menu in scheme window. Then select the Archive(Release) scheme and set the Build Configuration to Release.


3. Edit the Build Settings for project's target.

iOS App Build

A) There are several settings available to configure in project's Build Settings option. In Architectures section, set Base SDK to 'Latest iOS (iOS 5.0)' and Architecture to 'armv7 armv6'

iOS App Build

B) In Code Signing section, make sure Code Signing Identity for Release is signed with AppStore distribution provision profile.

iOS App Builder

C) In Deployment section, Set Skip Install to Yes for all.

iOS App Builder

4. Click on Archive option in Product menu (Product -> Archive). You can view build log for this archive by taping Logs tab on left navigation frame in Xcode. Make sure your app completes all steps in this log details.

iOS App Build

5. Open Organizer window by taping Organizer option in Window menu (Window -> Organizer) and be sure your newly app archive file appears here.

iOS App Builder

Now you are ready to submit this app archive file on AppStore.