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Being an open source content manager, Drupal provides immense ease to create, collate, manage and publish content with an inexhaustible range of customizing options. Drupal has been used to create millions of websites spanning from personal to legal, corporate to non-profit organizations, etc. The platform is created, operated and backed by a number of dedicated and spontaneous community members. Drupal has been recognized worldwide traversing, across continents, and nations including USA, UK, India, Germany, Middle East, etc. With Dries (founder of Drupal) visit to India the introduction of Acquia, Drupal development services in India have seen a substantial rise.

Tekriti has been working on Drupal since almost a decade and has gained extensive work experience in the area of Drupal development. Comprising of over 70 personnels harnessed with Drupal framework, Tekriti stands to cater to all your Drupal development needs topped with quality. Our Drupal services include:

  • Drupal based website development
  • Content management systems for multiple sites
  • Building workflow management systems
  • Converting existing sites to Drupal
  • Drupal theme development
  • Drupal customization
  • Drupal maintenance

Tekriti has been an active Drupal Association member and a regular sponsor to a number of Drupal events such as DrupalCon Munich, Drupalcon Portland, Drupalcon Denver and Drupal Camp Delhi-Dries visit to India. A few of its community contributions include creation of 'Training' (a module to create quick training portals), adding to the case studies section (https://drupal.org/case-studies), etc. Being an active member of Drupal community, Tekriti has been conducting free Drupal training sessions. As an offshore Drupal development company, Tekriti helps business houses earn explicit monetary benefits. A few of these advantages are:

  • Ease of upgrading or retreating teams instantly
  • Presenting wide range of options for resource selection (Drupal Architects, Drupal Themes, Drupal Developers, Quality Analysts, etc.)
  • Speedy turn-around project delivery cycles owing to continuous development

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Drupal Development Services Provided by Tekriti

Tekriti provides end-to-end solutions for all your Drupal development requirements. Walking hand-in-hand with the Drupal, we have been able to deliver efficient frameworks. Our Drupal development services include:

  • Drupal Deployment
  • Drupal Optimization and Maintenance
  • Drupal Website Creation
  • Customized Creatives and Drupal Themes
  • Conversion of Existing Sites to Drupal
  • Managing Frontend and Backend for Drupal Websites
  • Quality Checks and Testing of Drupal Sites

Having extensive experience in creating a host of Drupal applications, Tekriti has been recognized across the globe for delivering effective Drupal frameworks. Some of Drupal applications created by Tekriti are:

  • User-Generated Content Sites
  • News Sites
  • Corporate Sites
  • Media Sites
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Forums and Review Sites
  • Multi-Site Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Publishing Platforms
  • Multi-Lingual Websites
  • E-Commerce Applications
  • Other Web 2.0 Platforms Including Blogs, Community Sites

Some Drupal Websites Developed By Tekriti

Tekriti has created a number of websites that run on Drupal framework. A few of its developments are:

  • Conversion of Multiple Sites to Drupal: Penton Media provides B2B services in five major markets including, agriculture, transportation, natural products/food, infrastructure, and industrial design and manufacturing. The company offers intuitive content blended with remarkable marketing and networking services; both personally and through online events. Penton Media has successfully converted more than 100 web properties, which are based on varied platforms, to a central Drupal based framework. A few of these websites include; www.nationalhogfarmer.com, www.hayandforage.com and www.supermarketnews.com.
  • NY Daily News: NY Daily News is one of the widely distributed New York journals. Tekriti has developed a series of Drupal based websites for the company. These constitute of the following:
  • NY Daily Blog: An editorial blog website with a multi-million page visitors daily.
  • Best Places by NY Daily News: Real estate marketplace in New York.
  • 911 Anniversary: A social site to pay homage to 9/11 victims.
  • CAFEGIVE: CafeGive is an app that helps business, nonprofits and marketing agencies extract more from their social media marketing strategies. CafeGive has become a common platform for consumers to select from a wide range of alternatives. When a consumer enters and purchases a product from a retailer's website through CafeGive, a certain percentage (2-4%) of the total revenue is contributed to charity of his choice. This Drupal based site also comprises of social features such as Facebook LikeBox and Facebook Connect. Other innovations include creating personalized widgets to multiply their charities.
  • Kaplan Campus 4D: Campus 4D is a smart and bilateral approach providing an ease to select an apt school for a student. The platform enables students, counselors and faculties to score their schools on the basis of certain parameters.
  • Pago: Launched in 6 European languages, Pago.cc is a corporate site displaying client products and their unique features. The site also comprises of engaging tools such as electronic greeting cards, music player and health meter.
  • CareRally: CareRally enacts as a social catalogue comprising of reviews and content site. The underlying concept of CareRally is to create a network of doctors and practices such that it becomes easier to locate professionals based on reviews and recommendations of others. With the support of rich content extracted via care tips and Q&A, the site runs the complete couponing system. Introducing new offers frequently to consumers, helps practices to get a boost in their services.
  • Capitala: Tekriti built Capitala, an Abu Dhabi based strategic real estate master developer that allows designing, creating, managing and maintaining supremely integrated communities in the UAE. This was a multi-lingual site and provided an ease to manage content through the backend using dynamic flashes.
  • Indiscreen: Indiscreen offers a recruitment platform for the media sector. The site allows candidates to upload their creative portfolios to seek attention of prospective hiring companies.
  • Cosmo Films: Tekriti has refurbished the current corporate sites and has introduced it a fresh and new attractive avatar. The site also carries advanced intranet features such as leave management.
  • SPORTTAB: Tekriti developed Sporttab as the world's first specialized sport site. The site provides several platforms for sport geeks where they can connect, share and interact with fellow members. Apart from helping to address sport issues and needs, Sporttab also keeps its members updated with several sport products such as news, blogs, editorials, calendars, and more.

Drupal Modules - Contribututed by Tekriti

Tekriti has been an active member in the Drupal community contributing a gamut of Drupal modules. With over half a dozen GIT Vetted users, Tekriti's Drupal Team has bagged 15 reviews with an average rating of 4 to 5 by Drupal developers. Some of the Drupal module contributions by Tekriti include:

S.NO. Module Name Tekriti's Role No. of Downloads
1 Advance Help Co Maintainer 1144377
2 Block Commenter Developer+Maintainer 652
3 Calc Developer+Maintainer 1199
4 Devel Author 2735189
5 Domain Finder Co Maintainer 1139
6 Domain Roles Co Maintainer 973
7 Google Chat Co Maintainer 8206
8 Google Image Sitemap Developer+Maintainer 3215
9 Hostip Co Maintainer 1920
10 jform_label Developer+Maintainer 512
11 Lights Out Co Maintainer 259
12 Login Redirect Author 42329
13 Navigate Co Maintainer 12003
14 Password Field Co Maintainer 2371
15 Postal Code Co Maintainer 4608
16 Project Estimator Co Maintainer 351
17 Random IDs Co Maintainer 244
18 Site Map Co Maintainer 353,780
19 Thank You Commenter Co Maintainer 594
20 Tic Tac Toe Co Maintainer 598
21 Training* Developer+Maintainer 5656
22 User Visits Co Maintainer 1381323
23 User Visits Advanced Co Maintainer 7657
24 Views Record Count Developer+Maintainer 2403
25 WebRupee Co Maintainer 1455
26 PM User Image Developer+Maintainer 586
27 VBO Hide Developer+Maintainer 477
28 Readmore Developer+Maintainer 1958

*This is a Distribution

Developing Drupal Modules Globally

Tekriti has been delivering Drupal modules across the globe and has successfully established its grounds in a number of cities/countries.