Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product where shared resources like software, hardware are provided to the users / consumers as a utility over a network. All the computation in the world, as we see it, is moving towards Cloud with the clients becoming thinner and more diverse. This has given rise to tons of new opportunities - both in the Cloud  space and mobile application development. Tekriti has been on the forefront of both these, and has invested in / trained resources to help its customers take advantage of Cloud solutions.

Cloud technology solutions, in order to become mainstream, requires huge investment in terms of infrastructure and this is where large companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Rackspace has helped out by providing these infrastructure as solutions, on  top of which various Cloud computing solutions can be built. The services offered by Amazon, Microsot, and Rackspace is called IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), and Tekriti has mastered working with all of the popular IaaS solution providers.

Tekriti also is one of the few Amazon certified solution providers in the world, which speaks volumes about the understanding Tekriti has in this space. We also work equally well with Rackspace and Microsoft Azure.

Cloud computing Services we provide

Various cloud computing services that we have provided to our customers are:

  • Cloud Deployment of their server side binaries / libraries: This entails setting up of the Cloud system, and configuring the required load-balanced auto-scaled system to suit the customers' needs. The libraries are then deployed on this Cloud system with the appropriate backup setup.
  • Extensive use of auto-scaling architecture: One advantage of using Cloud services is the ability to create and destroy cloud instances at will. This is especially useful for applications which have a very high peak traffic / computing needs but low to moderate average traffic. Tekriti has architected the customers' solutions in such a way that the number of running instances are optimized to suit the costs and requirements of the customers' application.
  • Migration of customer's servers based solution to Cloud: There is a lot of interest in the Enterprises to move their current infrastructure to Cloud to reduce their costs and optimize their operations. This includes moving their libraries / binaries to the Cloud infrastructure which, in many cases, requires a re-write of a lot of modules of the application to take advantage of the Cloud APIs. It also requires writing of migration scripts to port the data from the customer's data-store the Cloud data-store.
  • Ability to use multiple Cloud solution providers like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Rackspace: Tekriti has created an infrastructure to allow people to move between various Cloud solution providers like Microsoft Azure, Aamzon Web Services and Rackspace very quickly. The API layer has been encapsulated in such a way that the customer's client layer undergoes very little changes when the underlying Cloud layer is changed, the bulk of the work happens at the data store layer when a data migration may be required.

Cloud Solution Providers we are proficient with

Tekriti is very proficient working with the following Infrastructure as a Solution (IaaS) providers:

  • Amazon Web Services: Tekriti is a certified Amazon Web Services Solution Provider, and has worked with numerous customers deploying their solutions on Amazon Web Services. Tekriti has also created another "user-friendly" administrator back-of-the-house tool for Amazon Web Services that lets Business Users to access the Amazon Web Services backend. Tekriti is one of the more preferred companies to work with you on various Cloud computing solutions on top of Amazon Web Services, ranging from deploying of server based solutions to advanced Cloud computing solutions including private Cloud deployment.
  • Microsoft Azure: Microsoft technologies is one of the strong areas for Tekriti, and Tekriti has continued on that path by developing expertise on Microsoft Azure. The use of Microsoft technology is very pre-dominant in Enterprises, and it becomes easier for a Product Development team to convince their Executive team to move to Microsoft Azure over other Cloud solution alternatives. Tekriti has strong processes and expertise to use Microsoft Azure cloud platform from scratch as well as migrate their existing solutions to Azure.
  • Rackspace: Rackspace is a strong alternative to Amazon Web Services, and Tekriti has advised few of its customers to use Rackspace cloud too based on their working history with Rackspace.