iPhone, iPad and Android Mobile Application Automation Testing

iPhone, iPad and Android Mobile Application Automation Testing

Our testing services allow customers to gain confidence that software applications function as intended in the mobility ecosystem. Tekriti’s mobile application testing services allows developers and aggregators to accelerate the time to market of their mobile applications. Our experience allows us to efficiently identify salient application issues and reduce the total Quality Assurance time and cost of testing.

The critical factors that determine the success of a mobile testing program are:
1. Use of test automation

2. Use of emulators and actual devices
3. Testing for mobile environment and application complexity In this section, we discuss these critical success factors and present our recommendations for mobile application testing.

We do

Mobile Application Testing Strategy – We Suggest

The phenomenal growth of mobile devices has opened up avenues for organizations to integrate them into the mainstream computing environment. Today’s mobile applications deliver complex functionality on platforms that have limited resources for computing. This diversity in mobile computing environments presents unique challenges in application development, quality assurance, and deployment, requiring unique testing strategies.

Guidelines for Testing Mobile Applications

1 Understand the network landscape and device landscape before testing to identify bottlenecks.
2 Conducting testing in uncontrolled real-world test conditions (field-based testing) is necessary, especially for a multi-tier mobile application.

Mobile Application Automation Testing

Our mobile testing automation services consist of:


            Functional Testing Automation is a combination of unit testing type scripts with support for instrumentation on emulator or real devices. Take the instance of the Android SDK which provides instrumentation support for JUnit like test scripts that can be executed on the Android SDK emulator on the test engineer's desktop system or the build integration system in the continuous integration environment.


•    UI TESTING AUTOMATION:                 UI Testing Automation is generally achieved by using various Automation tools like Robotium, and Perfect Mobiles and DeviceAnywhere.
                Unit testing automation is based on the popular xUnix family of tools like Jmunit for Android platforms, and Ocunit for iOS unit testing code.

Tools we use
We at Tekriti - are equipped with a highly skilled team of Mobile Application Testing professionals, well versed with application programming and advanced testing methods. Our testers are capable of performing testing with the help of various higher end software testing approaches and tools. Few tools that we have got expertise in:

   Our Approach

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