Social Networking Software

Social Networking Software And Platform Development

Tekriti has over 4 years experience in Social Networking Software, creating world class platforms for facilitating networking between individuals or organizations based on a common grounds interest, profession, values, ambition, kinship, products and services.

Over this period Tekriti has deployed over a dozen Social Networking Software. Tekriti's expertise lies in making robust and scalable platforms based on innovative features that capture user interests.

Its not surprise then that leading names such as Always On, Marc Canter (Co-founder Macro Media), Indiatimes and Times of India chose Tekriti so built their social platforms. Tekriti has also developed an ideal setup to help entrepreneurs and startups take their networking concepts to fruition.

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Services and Applications Related to Social Networking

Tekriti is an end to end house as far as Social Network Development is concerned. Our services include:

  • Conceptualization
  • Creative and User Interface Designing
  • XHTML and Flash Development
  • Site Development&Testing
  • Development of Advanced Backends to Manage Site
  • Site Optimization
  • Site Maintenance

These services can be utilized for a host of social networking platforms such as:

  • Generic Social Networking Platforms
  • Professional Networking Applications
  • Intranet Networking Application
  • Dating Sites
  • Social Networks Based on Niche Groups (food, lifestyle, entertainment etc)
  • Video Centric Networks
  • Product Review And Feedback Based Social Networks

Social Networking Sites Developed By Tekriti

Some of the Social Networking Platforms build by Tekriti include:

  • itimes: itimes is a social networking site for the Indian community, built for the largest media house in the India. iTimes features among others an application management platform which it built on top of Open Social. Besides this it has extensive administration features which allow white labeled network, fan clubs etc.
  • CareRally: CareRally is a social networking directory as well as a review and content site. The core concept of CareRally is to create network of Doctors and Practices that users could search based on review and recommendation by others. In addition the content is made content rich via care tips and Q&A. Practices can make special offers to the customers to promote themselves. The Site also handles the entire couponing system to enable user to get discounts based on those coupons.
  • PeerPower: Peerpower is a professional network containing many unique features such as wiki type community pages, advanced recommendation engines amongst others.
  • Goingon: GoingOn is a meta-network that enables creation of sub domains on the fly. These sub domains contain all popular features such as videos, blogs, news, forums, polls, events etc. This makes GoingOn an ideal platform for organizations wanting to establish a private network amongst their employees, associates and customers.
  • My Village Link: My Village Link is a social networking site with the primary objective of increasing the participation of residents in their Home Owner Association’s (HOA) activities. Apart from online meeting, networking, events, notices, HOA rule book etc the site is also supported with service providers directory, classifieds, advertising (including complete banner management and reports), question and answers section. The site also include platforms such as legal wiki (covering legal issues regarding housing).
  • FootSchool: A soccer based social network providing a platform for soccer enthusiasts to manage their teams, leagues and media along with social networking with other enthusiasts.
  • NDTV Tubaah: NDTV Tubaah is a news centric Video site with a provision allowing users to create and subscribe to channels. Built for one of the largest media houses in the country NDTV Tubaah has been received with great enthusiasm and is being adopted by masses rapidly.