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iPad, Online Publishing & Content Management System (CMS)

The modern era has completely changed the way we consume content. Print publications have given way to digital magazines accessible in the web or through the iPad and Android powered tablets. As the readers adopted these new age platforms for content consumption, advertisers too jumped on the bandwagon due to higher return on their investment based on better monitoring, targeting and control that these platforms offered.

Tekriti has extensive experience in setting up online publishing and content management systems. Tekriti's expertise lies both in the use of Open Source Platforms such as Drupal, Movable Type and Wordpress as well as Enterprise Platforms such as SharePoint 2010 for rapid deployment of robust and scalable systems. Further Tekriti is building state of the art applications to help publishers take their content to the iPad and and Android powered devices.

In addition our solutions enable a rich back end for assisting editors and content writers to manage content effectively with specific focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which today is the backbone of any content driven business. The front ends typically have been structured to incorporate the best use of latest web standards and strategic advertising setup to maximize the returns for both publishers and advertisers.

Over the various projects implemented, Tekriti has acquired an deep rooted understanding of not only the technical aspects but of also the user behavior. This makes Tekriti an ideal partner for your business and not just a technology vendor.

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Services and Applications Related to Online Publishing & CMS

Tekriti is an end to end house as far as online publishing&content management systems are concerned. Our services include:

  • Conceptualization
  • Creative&User Interface Designing
  • xHTML&Flash Development
  • Site Development&Testing
  • Development of Advanced Backends to Manage Site
  • Advertisement Setup
  • Search Engine Optimization Setup
  • Site Optimization
  • Site Analytics
  • Site Maintenance

These services can be utilized for a host of applications such as:

  • iPad Magazines
  • Magazines for Android Based Devises
  • Online Version of Print Publication
  • Generic News Sites
  • Video Based Sites
  • User Generated Content Sites
  • Reviews&Recommendations Sites
  • Social Software
  • Forums

iPad, Online Publishing & CMS Sites Developed By Tekriti

Some of the Online Publishing&CMS sites build by Tekriti include:

  • New York Daily News: Tekriti is currently involved with multiple publishing projects with NY Daily News. These include revamp of key website components such as Blogs. Tekriti is also currently working on a platform that allows NY Daily News to migrate its legacy content onto a centralized system.
  • Kaplan: Tekriti is building the online test interface for Kaplan that would enable students to take the Kaplan tests in the new format via their web browsers. Tekriti is also building an interactive students portal for Kaplan.
  • NDTV:  For NDTV Tekriti is building a platform for launching various content portals such as Food, Gadgets etc. This is sophisticated platform that absorbs content via XMLs, thereby enabling consumption of content across various front ends such as web, mobile and iPad.
  • Indiatimes: Tekriti has had an over 3 year relationship with Indiatimes building many platforms such as iTimes (a social network with integrated email), PeerPower (a professional network on the lines of Linkedin) and many other projects such as Indiatimes QNA.
  • Careers 360: Careers 360 is the online version of a print magazine for the Outlook group, one of the largest print publication house in India. Careers 360 has a sophisticated back end for managing content, while the front end is very interactive. The SEO setup for the site is already bringing in great result.
  • NDTV Tubaah: NDTV Tubaah is a news centric Video site with a provision allowing users to create and subscribe to channels. Built for one of the largest media houses in the country NDTV Tubaah has been received with great enthusiasm and is being adopted by masses rapidly.
  • Hotklix: Hotklix is a social bookmarking site with white labeling capability. Hotklix is today amongst the top 1500 sites in the world in term of traffic with millions of page views per day.