Java Development

Java Development

Tekriti has a team of Java Developers who have the expertise of developing applications built on Java stack, either using a bespoke model or base on a CMS. The team has used Struts, Springs, ORMs such as Hibernate, and CMS such as OpenCMS.

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Services and Applications related to Java Development

Tekriti is an end to end house as far as Java development is concerned. Our services include:

  • Site Conceptualization
  • Customized Creatives and  Theme development
  • Complete Website Frontend and Backend setup
  • Migration&Revamp of Existing Sites
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Deployment
  • Optimization
  • Maintenance

These services can be utilized for a host of applications such as:

  • Web 2.0 B2B and B2C Applications
  • Content Management Systems for the Publishing and Media Industry
  • E-commerce Applications
  • Intranet Applications
  • CRMs
  • HR Solutions
  • Travel Industry
  • Other Custom Applications

Java Applications built by Tekriti

Few of the applications that Tekriti has built over Java stack are:

  • Acteva - Acteva is a platform for managing private, corporate and public events. Tekriti's team was instrumental in building the main platform, its private social network platform, and RSVP platforms.
  • IdentityTruth - IdentityTruth is an Identity Theft Protection tool for consumers. IdentityTruth® safeguards your entire identity using powerful technology to uncover existing problems and potential threats. Tekriti's team was an extension of the IdentityTruth's engineering team and helped build the technology.
  • Guardsman - Guardsman site is built on OpenCMS Java CMS, and uses the templating engine of the OpenCMS to build the appliction.
  • USourceIT Business Intelligence Engine - The business intelligence engine of USourceIT was built by Tekriti team to allow USourceIT's main portal to make analysis of the data captured. The BI engine is then exposed through web-services to USourceIT platform and other customers.
  • Pentaho Business Intelligence Customization - Pentaho is one of the most popular open source Business Intelligence portal in the market. Tekriti's team is engaged with building a Business Intelligence Reports Application for one of the largest vehicle manufacturer, in order to facilitate dealing with their Dealers and Suppliers.