DotNetNuke Development

DotNetNuke Development

Rapid and cost effective development has always been a Mantra at Tekriti. In keeping with this mantra Tekriti has made significant investment into evaluting various development platforms&frameworks and thereafter training its team on the most effective ones.

DotNetNuke is one such effective platform. Built on Microsoft .Net, DotNetNuke boasts of being one of the most popular .Net content management systems with 6 million downloads.

Tekriti has been utilizing DotNetNuke effectively for applications such as content management systems, social software, publishing and media applications, intranet, HR systems, CRMs and other management systems.

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Services and Applications Related to DotNetNuke Development

Tekriti is an end to end house as far as DotNetNuke development is concerned. Our services include:

  • Customized Creatives, Skins and Theme development
  • Complete Website Frontend and Backend setup
  • Migration of Existing Sites to DotNetNuke.
  • Customization of existing DotNetNuke Modules and Development of Custom Modules
  • Responsive DNN Designs
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Deployment
  • Optimization
  • Maintenance

These services can be utilized for a host of applications such as:

  • Social Software
  • Content Management Systems
  • Intranet
  • Publishing
  • Corporate Sites
  • CRMs
  • HR Systems

DotNetNuke Applications Developed by Tekriti

Some of the applications built by Tekriti include:

  • UGovernIT: UGovernIT is a custom built ticketing system that acts as a powerful data analytics and reporting tool for the CIOs. Some of UGovernIT’s USPs include flexibility of mapping approval / workflows into the system, comprehensive dashboard for analysis problem areas, project management tools and much more.
  • Max Bupa: Max Bupa Intranet intents to provide a robust platform for interaction and information dissipation within the company. The platform includes modules for news, forum, product details, events, downloads, user profiles, archives, rich media&CEO blogs
  • USourceIT: USourceIT is an advanced platform that facilitates outsourcing of projects from SMEs in the US to SMEs in India. In addition to a lead management and bid systems, USourceIT  has a very advanced RFP creation and response mechanism that automates the process of vendor shortlisting.