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Business Intelligence - Pentaho and BIDS

What we do:

•We have end to end business intelligence capabilities and provide central access to your business information, with back end security, integration, scheduling, auditing and more.

•Our Open Source BI Platform is designed as a unfilled platform that can scale to meet the needs of any size organization.

How we do:

OpenSource BIDS

A Combination of OpenSource and Enterprise Solution

We do this via

Business intelligence (BI) is a decision support tool used to capture, report, and analyze a subset of organizational data without affecting operational systems.


The BIDS architecture


The Logical Cubes

Logical Cube Example BIDS

Pentaho's BI Platform


Pentaho’s Benefit

  • Open Source
  • Have community that support the users
  • Running well under multi platform (Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Solaris, Unix, etc)
  • Have complete package from reporting, ETL for warehousing data management, OLAP server data mining also dashboard.

Pentaho's Dashboard

Pentaho Dashboards give business users the critical information they need to understand and improve organizational performance. Provide immediate insight into individual, departmental, or enterprise performance by delivering key metrics in an attractive and intuitive visual interface.

Where to Use What?

  • Pentaho being Open Source and free is significantly useful for small and mid size organization.
  • The BIDS from Microsoft can be used for big Organization with relatively massive data to be analyzed.

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