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Bootstrap is an open-source framework developed by Twitter that runs on Javascript. It has risen as an astute reply to the need of creating clean, efficient and swift responsive websites. The framework can rightly be categorised as an extension to platforms like HTML and CSS. The responsive archetype makes Bootstrap an ideal choice for developing websites with the ability to sync with most tablets and mobile phones. The architecture deploys a considerable usage of HTML and CSS to serve purposes relating to typography, grids, tables, buttons, navigation and forms followed by numerous jQuery plug-ins that are highly flexible and a strong back for responsive designs. Address navigation, labels, alerts are a few of the many features that make Bootstrap top choice amongst developers. 

  • Responsive structure: The expansive 12-column grid offers best view experience to users across all devices, irrespective of the screen size. 
  • Use of CSS: This attends the requirement directed towards typography, code, tables, buttons and forms. 
  • Web UI Element: It includes a host of UI components such as Navigation menu, Thumbnails, Dropdowns, Alerts, Buttons, Breadrumbs, Progress Bars and Pagination.
  • LESS-based: Bootstrap is built on LESS, the CSS grid system that enables easy creation of adaptive websites. 
  • Plugins for Javascript: The framework comprises of numerous plugins such as Tooltip, Typehead, Modal, Carousel, Popover, Scrollspy, Alert, Tab, T etc.
  • Equivalence: The robust structure is based on highly flexible base that is adaptable to future design and advancements in development in HTML5 and CSS3, for instance. 
  • Cross platform: Having code deployed at the centre helps in ensuring uniformity in output built across platforms and browsers. 
  • Integration: The flexible nature of Bootstrap enables it to integrate with existing sites in a simple and swift manner. 

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  • Team of experienced Laravel developers
  • Tailored solutions for each client
  • Disciplined development process
  • Best in quality deliverables at competitive prices

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Tekriti as Bootstrap Development Company 

Tekriti’s zeal to embrace the evolving technology trends has helped earn extensive experience in Bootstrap development services. We have been serving clients spanning across the globe. With the support of highly skilled technicians, we take pride in undertaking and completing complex tasks in the most infallible manner. The adroitness on the framework helps us to assist our clients in choosing the best Bootstrap web development or web design or web deployment service for their business. Bootstrap is the perfect platform to realize the idea of owning a glistening yet efficient website.

Bootstrap websites developed by Tekriti

  • Tekriti helped a leading New York based consultancy to map itself on the web. They offer marketing suite kit to real estate broker and help agents to connect with their clients. Tekriti Software got an opportunity to create UI design, develop their portal and an iOS app. 
  • Tekriti Software designed the location-based mobile application for a daily deal website that lists discounted gift coupons that are redeemable at local/national companies globally. We explicitly worked on the product’s concept and it’s UX Design. The project also involved architectural planning and development, keeping an eye on performance, launch at stores followed with keen quality testing. 
  • The India-based pioneer in organized recruitment got its web portal developed, deployed, maintained and tested by Tekriti. The brand partners with best course providers and companies helping the organization rest at an enviable position in the recruitment industry.