BlackBerry Application Development

BlackBerry Application Development

BlackBerry Application Development has been one of the most renowned and popular expertise of Tekriti Software. We are the official affiliate of a global strategic alliance with BlackBerry, thus Tekriti's competence and dominance in BlackBerry Application Development is well known and unmatched.

Tekriti is also one of the select few companies with dedicated proficiency in the BB 10 platform. Our app for one of our famous client PVR was offered in built in all the newly launched BB 10 devices. With both enterprise and consumer apps in BB 10 (and OS 7 and below) to our credit it would be a less of a surprise to know that we are the first mobility company to offer novel technologies like Location Based Promotion, Augmented Reality and Geo Tagging in BlackBerry Application Development.

We have developed certain customizable frameworks that can be harnessed to create a wide variety of Enterprise Mobility Applications that can be used for Mobile Work Force Management, Field Force Tracking and Sales Force Management. This framework can be customized for a wide variety of industry segments like Retail, Logistics, SCM, Manufacturing and Insurance Corporations.

Benefits Offered by Tekriti for BlackBerry Application Development

With the expert team of BlackBerry application developers, Tekriti offers several benefits to our clients, and some of them are:

  • Requirement analysis by experts, to understand what the client actually needs.
  • Customized BlackBerry app development, maintain high standards.
  • Team of expert BlackBerry developers to create your world class app.
  • Extensive testing for your apps from simulation testing to real time testing.
  • Maintaining track, towards the progress of the app.
  • Timely completion and delivery of BlackBerry app.
  • Highly secured BlackBerry application development.
  • Dedicated BlackBerry developers, that can provide support matching to your timing.

BlackBerry Application Development By Tekriti

Some of the BlackBerry Application Development done by Tekriti:

  • Meeting Manager: Tekriti specializes in android application development and created many apps, a meeting manager being one of them. This meeting manager offers many features like instantly identifies your conference calls, join your conference call with one touch, also instantly re-connects to your dropped calls.
  • Cam-Ultimate: CamUltimate is an advanced Camera Application for Blackberry phones, that consists of over 16 different camera filter effects that can be applied to a new photo or an existing photo.
  • Tek-Dictionary: TEK-Dictionary is product developed by our BlackBerry application development center designed for BlackBerry PlayBook. This is English to English Dictionary and embedded with some phenomenal feature which makes TEK-Dictionary stand amongst best in its category. With fast and user friendly interface, it search results from 20 different dictionaries and provide you the result.