Socket Programing in Objective-C: iPhone Application Development

Before proceeding with the topic let me tell you : “What is Socket programming.”? So it is simply a way to communicate with two machines using UDP and TCP/IP protocol.

Socket are interfaces that allows you to transfer data in bidirectional way means from one app to another app. Socket has two sides. Each side of it is identified by a combination of IP address and port. Socket programing is used in various situation in iOS for iPad, iPod and iPhone application development like on line gaming, chat application etc.

There are lots of guides and articles available to make socket connection between apps but these are very limited in Objective-C and it is very complicated to integrate them. This article discusses only how we can create a socket connection from one app to another app. After establishing the connection both apps can send and receive data to and from each other.

Socket Programming in Objective-C can be described in 3 parts:

  1. Setting Socket Connection
  2. Reading from Socket Connection
  3. Writing to Socket Connection


For detailed implementation of these 3 parts of Socket Programming, Click on the PDF Below.

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