Angular.JS Web Development

Angular. JS is a Google-maintained framework. The cleansed and innate code generation of the platform helps in creation of super responsive websites. It has emerged as one of the best Javascript frameworks available; allowing creation of influential views in web application. Exceedingly, it extends an easy draft to carry out tests and maintain developments. It offers enterprise-ready single page web apps; fulfilling the needs of businesses that long to have rich Javascript MVC framework web and app development.

Salient Offerings

  • Renewable HTML components
  • REST friendly application structure
  • Model and DOM integration
  • Localization
  • Availability of Dependency Injection
  • Competitive web templating, stretching HTML vocabulary
  • e2e Testing
  • Bilateral data binding without wrapping model constituents
  • Building custom widgets with directives
  • Speedy completion of web development process with MVC Design

Business Benefits

Angular.JS has risen as the most preferred platform for developers to build expandable, appealing and swift websites or applications.

  • Quick app and website development
  • Well-maintained web and apps
  • Improving product’s testability
  • Easy communication with customers
  • Key to channelize business proficiency
  • Fetching real-time data updates

Tekriti for your Angular.JS Web Development

At Tekriti, we deploy innovation to present latest techno-products to meet global demands of our clients. Every Angular.JS software developed at Tekriti speaks for itself and reserves its own tenacity to face the future.

Our skilful AngularJS developers tweak codes splendidly to offer tailored solutions to our clients:

  • Extensible code inputs to deliver best user experience
  • Vigorous and spirited cordial solutions
  • Developers proficient in the maturing technology trends
  • Strenuous efforts to offer performance optimization
  • Stringent testing to ensure delivery of quality output

The demand of interactive mobile and website designs is on an upward spiral. Having collected HTML, CSS and Javascript from the client, we build page application that contributes in easy extension of HTML vocabulary and building well-structured, rich applications draped in fashion.

Angular.JS Projects by Tekriti

  • An uptown privately held family-owned clothing company based in Denmark approached Tekriti to develop various mobile and web apps. The brand holds over 5,700 stores spread across 43 countries, making it rank amongst the top fashion companies of Europe. Tekriti sorted out architectural planning, developed web and mobile app (hybrid) followed by rigorous quality checks and testing phases.
  • Tekriti developed the website and designed its UI for a well-noted business solution provider. The organization maps ways for businesses to reduce energy costs, improving asset efficiency and lowering down the environmental impact. The product was successfully delivered post its clearance of quality tests.
  • Tekriti worked for India’s fastest growing and largest airline that offers 534 daily flights; connecting to 37 destinations including 5 international destinations. We carried out the following:

-Website client side upgrade
-Mobility consulting
-Mobile app development
-Quality assurance

  • A leading real estate advisor with a pan-India presence got their website developed by Tekriti.  We also carried out maintenance, support and resource augmentation. The brand aims to help aspiring property investors with its competent knowledge in the vertical.
  • Globally acclaimed post-trade software company contacted Tekriti to build an application compatible with Android and iPhone platforms. The contract included product conceptualization, designing, UI and UX designing, hybrid app development and quality assurance.

Tekriti has emerged as a full-fledged Angular.JS development company offering end-to-end services to clients.