About Us

Tekriti is a Kellton Tech Company. Tekriti's management team has decades of experience running successful software companies, and have worked at one of the world's largest companies like Microsoft. The principals have education degress from world-class institutions like IITs, Kellogg, and Wharton. Tekriti is a global software services company headquartered at New Jersey, USA and have other offices in DC Metro area and state of the art outsourced software development based out of New Delhi, India. The total strength of the team is 200, with 80 people in the USA and 120 in India. Tekriti has built a team that shares the passion for building world class software products and partnering with clients worldwide for enhancing their technology valuations. With a million banners offering IT services, Tekriti Software is one with a definite competitive edge because we put our clients first. With a unique customized approach to each project and each client, we take pride in being an intellectual powerhouse of global repute known for its innovation and client focus. At Tekriti, we empower our client with development of the world's most creative concepts in software and information technology. Team Tekriti brings with it, abilities to innovate for a value driven approach for all its clients, partners and stakeholders.

With over 10 years of international & domestic experience in building web, mobile and business applications, Tekriti has all the relevant credentials and experience i.e. robust processes that helps quick application deployments in a cost effective, timely, and reliable manner. Our focus areas are Web 2.0, Cloud Computing, Social Software (facebook apps, social networking, social bookmarking etc), Music and Video (transcoding, broadcasting and sharing), ecommerce, Business Intellignce and CMS (content management).

At Tekriti, we believe in implementing technology that transforms our clients' business environments which is why we offer our services to industries where we have developed keen experience and expertise. We understand business realities and have the technical know-how and solutions required to bridge the gap between our clients and their business goals. Our clientele is testimony to the confidence we develop and to the commitment of our members.